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About Claudia Wood

My life has handed me amazing experiences that have shaped what I offer to the world. Many people, lands and healings have awakened my bones. As a child, I was blessed with a father who because of his career and interests exposed me thru living and travel to cultures all over the world.  As an adult I have continued this family tradition.  

I grew up in the Northeast and graduated with BA degrees in Economics and Sociology from Mt Holyoke College. I settled on Cape Cod and my first job was in retail and I learned from a master, the founder of the Christmas Tree Shops. I then co owned a building company with my husband and we had the pleasure of working with many influential designers and architects as well as designing space ourselves. I as well opened a gallery that featured local artists and essential oil products.  The experiences that my customers had with the essential oil products I carried intrigued me and I decided to learn more about alternative healing.  I met five women at this time who educated me on the healing potential of food, herbs, essential oils, yoga and massage.

I longed to become involved and expand my knowledge of alternative medicine practices so I became a massage therapist completing my training at the Kripalu Yoga Center.  I experienced some health challenges at this time and I sought out many alternative modalities for my own healing. My healing journey was an important path for my respect and awareness of the power of ancient healing practices.  So I trained in modalities that were called complementary or alternative. 

Malidoma Somé has been my greatest teacher.  As his student I awakened was reintroduced to my indigenous self. I am blessed to have received the gifts of his ancestors. I am a cowry shell diviner in the Dagara tradition. The Dagara cosmology that I work with has been such a gift. I decided that to just use my skills as a practitioner was only part of what I wanted to offer.  I wanted to be involved with the emerging new medical model or integrative medicine.

I moved to the San Francisco Bay area and received a MA from Holy Names College in Culture and Spirituality which gave me the education I needed to be able to work in integrative medicine programming.  I stayed in the Bay area after graduation and continued my trainings in my healing practice as well as offering my skills as an integrative medicine consultant.  I have had the amazing experience of meeting and working with the pioneers in this field. 

I volunteered with the Attitudinal Healing Connection assisting the team there with an incredible expressive art program they have developed for the children of West Oakland. I traveled to Africa with Aeeshah and Kokomon Clottey and had the privilege of being hosted by their tribe in Ghana. I later returned to Ghana to live and work.

Upon my return I worked as an integrative medicine consultant in program development and healing space design. I also worked with Dr Michael Cantwell, Larry Scherwitz, and Pamela McHenry to research and publish a study looking at the efficacy of the Integrative Medicine Clinic at California Pacific Medical Center.

I now live between southwest Florida and the island of Jamaica. The land and sea called so loudly to me I no longer could ignore the message. Live out loud, in the rhythm of my life, with my senses fully connected with the Earth. Experience my life without constantly investigating it with my mind. I understand the longing now that has walked beside me since before I was born. I will hear with my eyes, see with my hands, taste with my ears and smell with my mouth. It took my journey till now to know the woman inside of me and bring forth this healing for other women. I have read the writing on the wall of my womb and have wept the tears as I erased the lies. What remains are my truth and the promises I made to myself as they are revealed to me each day. I thank Oshun; you brought me to these lands to heal in ways I could have only imagined. I serve her now.

How to connect with Claudia...
To talk about my services and how I might help you please feel free to call me at 239-261-2066
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