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Claudia's Clients

"I have to say that my session with Claudia was nothing short of spectacular. Her art, her amazing craft is a gift to the world and I am grateful that she is preserving this ancient art. She is a healers healer! Her presence is absolutely comforting and radiant all at once. Her ability to connect psychically and in the physical is astounding. Claudia is the epitome of the divine messenger, she is the Diviner. She carries her messages forward, through her divination, what she sees, hears and feels and can bring things to light for even the most conscious and conscientious among us. One main thing she helped me to do was to remember to connect to the land that I live on. And this was something I had not been especially focusing on, but felt the shift the instant she called it to my attention. My experience with Claudia was magical and profound. I would recommend her to any healer who would like to go to the next level." - Renee Bledsoe, She Who Weaves the Web

How to connect with Claudia...
To talk about my services and how I might help you please feel free to call me at 239-261-2066
. If I am working with someone please leave a message and I will call you back. If you are ready to schedule with me, call me first we will set up a time and then I will tell you how to pay for the service on this web site. Click here to read more or email me.




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