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Divination & Healing Services

Sessions with me can be experienced in my healing space or by phone appointment. In your session I can help you identify your gifts and talents as well as release the blocks that have diminished your healing capacity. As a healer if you are looking to integrate new medicine into your practice, divination can facilitate opening the gate for that energy. I encourage you to design and remember the practice of ritual in your daily life. I empower you to return to your indigenous self. I use traditional healing tools to guide you back to your dreams to remember your purpose. Thru an apprenticeship with me you will learn traditional healing tools that you can incorporate into your existing healing practice.

One of the primary methods of guidance for a session with me is divination. The process of divination is used by many cultures under many names. The divination tool I use comes from the lineage of the Dagara people of Burkina Faso. My teacher Malidoma Somé and his clan have preserved this ancient method of communion with the natural world. The divination process uses objects from nature thru which patterns and relationships are revealed to you that answer questions in your heart as well as give you information from your own internal wisdom. The divination connects you to the natural world around you and your unique connection to that world. This also includes the relationship to the ancestors. Divination is helpful for the longing in your heart that has gone unremembered. When you know the path that you are walking but have come to a crossroad and want reassurance on the direction that you will choose.

Divination can be very helpful with groups and organizations to engage the relationship between the natural world and the healing environment that the organization wants to create, the placement of their healing spaces, as well as uncovering all the gifts and talents of the individuals who have come together to work for a common vision.


Individual phone or in person one hour session $150
Individual phone or in person two hour session $250
Individual Divination $200
Group Divination $100 per person
Organization divination $500
Day long work and ritual individual $600 (6 hours max)
Day long work and ritual group $150 per person (5 person min)
Apprenticing (call to discuss)
Business Planning (call to discuss)

How to connect with Claudia...
To talk about my services and how I might help you please feel free to call me at 239-261-2066
. If I am working with someone please leave a message and I will call you back. If you are ready to schedule with me, call me first we will set up a time and then I will tell you how to pay for the service on this web site. Click here to read more or email me.




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