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Healers & Practitioners

I know there comes a time in the journey as a healer where we need a mirror. Sometimes that need comes from a disconnection to our flow because of exhaustion, personal life experiences, or the need to ground or shift our practice.

There are also times when a new gate to a deeper connection to our gifts or medicine is waiting. To have a mentor at these times is helpful. I use the process of divination and other shamanic practices to provide the mirror for healers at this time. I also help healers who have so many gifts but are still struggling with abundance. I work with folks at many levels including a business plan to bring forward all that they desire to manifest.

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How to connect with Claudia...
To talk about my services and how I might help you please feel free to call me at. If I am working with someone please leave a message and I will call you back. If you are ready to schedule with me, call me first we will set up a time and then I will tell you how to pay for the service on Paypal. Click here to read more or email me.





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