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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is the new medical model.  The integrative medicine practice has practitioners of various modalities providing care as a team not as individuals sharing one office space each with their own patients. 

In the integrative model of care the patient is at the center of the practice team. There is a primary practitioner who guides the patient in their treatment plan based on their healing objectives. All the practitioners in the practice provide input into the care for this patient even if the patient hasnít received treatment from them. The practice makes a commitment to regular meetings so the whole team can discuss the patients and their healing experiences. The team discusses the next steps for the patients to reach their healing objectives as a collective deciding what practitioner or practitioners are the best next right step in the healing process.

The team is the practitioners as well as the administrative staff, who are also a part of the patientís relationships during their treatment journey. Integrative medicine is about seeing all the many facets that the patient presents and using that information to guide them in their healing objectives. In this way the experience of an individual can be seen and heard. The patient then knows that the team is holding their healing and their story isnít told over and over. Every practitioner and staff member plays a part in the healing story and the experience is rich and whole.

Below are the consulting services Claudia offers:

  • Integrative Medicine
    Is your organization initiating or expanding an integrative medicine program? Claudia can guide you through the steps to bring your mission, vision, goals and objectives into action. Each program is different based on the culture of the organization, the staff and practitioners on your team.
  • Wellness & Spa Program
    One objective in a spa or wellness program is to create an environment where clients can come to heal and reach their healing objectives.  I offer comprehensive holistic wellness programming services from start to finish.
  • Divination and Traditional Healing
    I use traditional healing tools to guide you back to your dreams to remember your purpose.  My practice can help you identify your gifts and talents as well as release the blocks that have diminished your healing capacity.  The primary method of guidance for a session with me is divination. The divination connects you to the natural world around you and your unique connection to that world.

How to connect with Claudia...
To talk about my services and how I might help you please feel free to call me at 239-261-2066
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