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Wellness Centers & Spas

As a spa consultant I bring to program development and space design my perspectives of having been a massage therapist, client and staff.  It is from these experiences that I can fully integrate the program elements needed for a sustainable spa program. 

The ability for a spa program to be a healing experience is very profound. The spa atmosphere in itself can be so healing for clients. The sensual nature of the spa experience gives clients a moment of peace and stillness that they might not experience at any other time in their lives. To smell nature’s scents, see beauty, hear sound produced for calming effect and be touched is a transformative experience.

In my Spa consulting I bring forward the connection to the Earth or the land where the Spa exists. As a Shamanic practitioner I can hear deeply the additional energy that the land, water and herbs of the place can bring to the experience of the client, a more integrative experience. Other than that you can walk into a building and be anywhere in the world and not connect to the blessings of so much available healing energy. This is important even in an urban environment.

I also train staff in therapeutic presence which is not just for medical practices. Healing happens and how that can be expanded takes the gifts from the land, practitioners and staff. This makes a difference between sustainable business and one that doesn’t thrive and eventually closes.

One universal objective in a spa or wellness program in my opinion is to create an environment where clients can come to heal and reach their healing objectives. Whether you are in the planning implementing or course correcting stage of your program here are the some of the areas that I can help you reach your mission.

  • Business planning

  • On site implementation of systems

  • Wellness program development

  • Spa treatment choices based on culture and location

  • Train staff for consistent client satisfaction with motivation and education.

  • Inspire teamwork and career development of staff to reduce turnover

  • Train practitioners to achieve 80% capacity

  • Environment of care needs and requirements for client safety and comfort

  • Customized product selection for profitability

  • Optimal client healing experience.

  • Staff wellness program

  • Take the mission and vision and bring it to action

I am sure that my experience and ability would add to your high expectations of customer satisfaction, staff motivation, and the complexity of skills needed to create or support your mission and achieve or maintain profitability. I hold many perspectives having worked; on the front lines as staff, as a massage therapist and as a spa junkie.

My fee is $125 per hour usually with a 20 hour per week commitment until the project is complete. The client pays for expenses.

How to connect with Claudia...
To talk about my services and how I might help you please feel free to call me at 239-261-2066
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